Liten uppfödning av Cocker Spaniels i hemmiljö.



Tadington´s Zim Salabim ♥ Sally

 Tadington´s Inka Dinka Doo ♥ Minni

Tadington´s Pif Paf Pof ♥ Cockie

DECHVDH Tadington´s Hocus Pocus ♥ Bellmondo

Tadington´s Abracadabra ♥ Emilly

Tadington´s Bim Bam Alakazam ♥ Sigge


SALLY got approved aptitudetest in tracking April 4th 2016


Minni before and after grooming at Canisnova Hundsalong, Malmö.

Minni lives in Malmö and are showed at Open Show under breedjudge with Excellent!

Photo Petra W

Photo Zoltan Szabo


Cockie first time stacked by her owner Camilla, showed once at Open show  Excellent 1:2 Hp second best bitch!

Cockie have also approved aptitudetest in bloodtracking!

Photo Camilla


Bellmondo owned & showed by Andrea, first time out in Openclass he was Excellent 1 VDH-Anw & Klub-CAC Best male!! And just waiting for the last DE KLUB-CAC!

Bellmondo got Klubshow at Austria he was Excellent 1 CACA! & In Monte Carlo Excellent 2 Reserv-CAC!

2017-08-04 BZS / Breeders license / Bezirkszuchtschau - uneingeschränkt zuchttauglich

June 2018  Excellent 1 x 2 with 2 x CAC & 1 CAC-Reserve in Switzerland!



Photo Andrea


Emilly showed and owned by Andrea in Germany.

At WDS Italy 2015 Excellent 3d place, 1 DE J-CAC & 1 R-J-CAC in Germany!

Showed in Open class Excellent 1 VDH-Anw! Emillie at Klubshow, Austria she was Excellent 1 CACA!


 Photo Regina Nievoll


Sigge showed on Open shows Excellent, best dog and 3 x BOS - BOB - BOG 1 - BIS 3

In Denmark as puppy with SL (very promising)

& in Germany under breedjudge Moray Armstrong, GB classwinner Excellent 1, VDH-CAC November 2015  

Sigge got approved aptitudetest in tracking April 4th 2016

Photo Taddy